Fountain City Studios Team - Meeting
Todd Davidson | Kansas City Photographer
Photographer & Videographer

Rock Star, Youth Minister, Husband, Dad, Business Owner, and Kansas City native. All of these things and more shape who I am today. They also make me a great photographer. Photographs tell stories about who we are and give us a glimpse of who we’ll become. And I have the great privilege of being the person who gets to capture those stories.

My years of experience and extensive understanding of the photography business help to provide my team and clients the perspective needed to deliver great results. I have pursued my passion for photography since high school and have worked relentlessly from that point on, whether it was my own photography business or on a global scale as the studio manager and associate photographer at Hallmark Cards.

Josh Watts | Kansas City Photographer & Videographer
Photographer & Videographer

My career and love for photography started back in ’92. I started working as a film developer at Miller’s Professional Imaging and with my first camera—a Pentax K1000—I began studying photography and working in my free time as a photographer. Over the years I’ve worked professionally as a photographer and studio manager at a handful of companies in Kansas City. In that time my love for the work has only grown and I’m grateful to have a job that doesn’t feel like a job at all. It feels like something I was meant to do.

My expertise in the process of photography and film, as well as my experience with a multitude of styles brings a strong foundation to any project with my team and clients.

Alisa | Studio Manager
Studio Manager

As the studio manager for Fountain City Studios, I get to be a part of the great creative culture in Kansas City. The City of Fountains has provided my family with just the right mixture of art, music, cuisine, and mid-American hospitality. My experience comes from the perfect melding of being married to a professional photographer and providing a home daycare service for over 16 years. I am no stranger to working with families and children which has been a great asset to all of the portrait and family projects we regularly deliver.

Mark Buergler | Kansas City Sound & Music Director
Sound & Music Director

Armed with an array of sounds, we interpret our world at a higher degree than with language alone. Mark Buergler creates hand-crafted music for those who have the courage to speak what is written on their heart. This is done to bring deeper understanding and closure to stories untold.

Jeremy Surls | Videographer & Animation Editor
Video & Animation Editor

I believe that passion and excellence in your work are some of the most valuable assets you can bring to a team. That’s what I try to bring to Fountain City Studios every day. I first started creating videos for fun when I got my first camera at age 16. Ever since then, I’ve been obsessed with filmmaking. I would make stupid and funny videos with my friends after school until the day I joined a Broadcast Journalism class in my senior year. I took it upon myself to stay after school and play around on the computer to teach myself editing. Since then I’ve dabbled in more visual effects (VFX) tricks. My favorite thing to do is create a VFX shot that no one can tell is there. I want my job to seem invisible to the viewer.

I am the main video editor at Fountain City Studios here in Kansas City and I absolutely love everything I do here. I love editing a client’s video to make them look good and to see them get really excited when they see the finished product. In 2014 I married the most beautiful girl in the world. A little over a year later my wife Kayli gave birth to our firstborn son Falon. These two are the reason why I work so hard. They are the center of my world and my inspiration to be better.


Fountain City Studios provides the perfect backdrop to produce your project from shooting to editing to delivery for a beautiful family portrait or the perfect corporate video. We know how to conceptualize and bring your story to life exceeding all of your expectations. We invite you to explore our family photography offerings or our commercial production options for any size business. You’ll be hard pressed to find a Kansas City Photographer or Videographer in this market that can deliver the same high quality product for the same price point. Best of all, we do it with vibe, skill and style!